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As we all know, India is very well known for its diverse culture. Inspite of the fact that every religion is accepted with open heart here, our politicians find a way to get religion in middle of every conversation and debate. If every religion and caste is at same level then why is the need to justify a person by his/her religion. When they get enough of the people, they drag God’s into the debate. I find it very surprising that, what’s the whole point of debating over the religion of a god. Anybody can worship any god, according to his/her belief then why the chaos and need to give a particular religion to a god. Everyone is God’s children, so he is not going to differentiate between us according to our religion, he will treat us equal. The latest debate on this is, what’s the religion of Hanuman?. Like what’s the need, whether he was Jain, Dalit, Muslim or Jat, instead of adopting the good from God, we start labelling them. This is not the first time they dragged a god, previously they also had debate on the religion of Lord Rama. On a serious note, there are much better and important things to do for the people in the country rather than fighting over the religion of God. We still need to cover the huge gap from developing to developed nation. So its a request, please make such kind of debates stop!

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