GURUKUL – A Peace Learning

Is the term Gurukul same as the one portrayed in Mohabbatein, certainly its not. There are lots of things we don’t know that revolve within our reach and are very good source of peace.

Walking with lots of thought in mind I came across a beautiful girl dressed in saffron attire without any makeup on, just the kajal highlighting her bright soul, something in me made me stop and talk to her. She was with two of other girls, she politely came when I called her, talking to her I came to know she is Sadhavi. Sadhvi means Virtuous women. I asked her for her number in order to take a small interview but her friends weren’t comfortable with the thought of talking to strangers let alone giving them the number. But she somehow trusted and gave us the number which I am glad for. The next day, we personally went to meet her and talk to her. We talked to her about anything and everything and it was a pleasure knowing different valuable things from her. She took us in the akharas where she was staying in Kumbh Mela. There was a pooja ceremony going on in the akhara premises, they were prasing their guru with thali decorated with flowers and diya. She called her dad who also happen to be a follower of the akhara guru, to take us from the back entrance to where they were staying. She received us from the back entrance and lead us to a sofa, she made us feel comfortable and treated us politely. People were coming touching her feets, greeting her. While talking to her we came to know that she is a teacher in Gurukul branch of Varanasi. It was her mom’s wish for her to be a part of Gurukul. She joined it when she was in school, it was very difficult for her so she didn’t continued it further staying away from family, new environment. So she took her time and joined it again after a year. She always had a liking for Sanskrit and she thought no better way to learn Sanskrit then somewhere where the roots are religious. She completed her studies and than started teaching there. She took her peace in taking Sanyas, which means she is never gonna get married or have family of her own. She wants people, specially children to know the importance of Gurukul. To make people aware of it, where children are thought manners and discipline and patiences. There was some fire in her eyes that was screaming and wanting people to Know about the Gurukul system which will help bring peace and reduces violence in the society. In a gurukul, the students living together are considered as equals, irrespective of their social standings. They are also introduced to all kinds of technology but to a certain extent so that they don’t get addicted towards it. They are kept away from all the things that can make them selfish and that can disturb their mental peace. They teach patiences as well as all other curriculum activities. They are thought to do their own things. Kids there grow up to be a fine personality with roots attached to the grounds and knowledge that touches the sky.

So let me tell you’ll that there is a world out there that is completely health a totally a peace gainer.

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