Think harder to react wiser

Walking down the path of popularity and fame, we often make the wrong choices, choices that can actually lead us to do wrong things. Your choices are the one that define you. No matter how hard it is to resist you have to know what is good and bad. Every action of yours will give you equal and opposite reaction. Every wrong doings have to face circumstances within a period of time. You need to sit make a decision for yourself, no matter how many obstacles you face, you need to calm down in the rapid journey of success and think, think for yourself, think what is right and wrong, figure yourself out every now and than and again walk with a clear mind and good intentions, because when you get on top with a rapid speed, the chances to get down with the same speed are high. You know you have made mistakes, be ready to face consequences, be ready to hear things without actually opposing it. Be ready to be alone and get hurt, but also be ready to raise as a good person. It’s ok to be alone for a while rather than doing wrong and becoming a terrible person for the rest of the life. No matter how good the life with wrong decisions can feel. One day it is definitely going to destroy you. Always hold onto the good person in your life because that person no matter how hard the situation can get won’t leave your side. So think, think harder to react wiser.


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