How it’s suppose to be and how it is.

Firstly to talk about perspective, it differs from person to person. Every individual has its own perspective but to talk about generation, it differs a lot. It’s like difference between Kishore da and Badashah. Landline turned into smartphones, traditional shopping into online shopping, meaningful songs into rap and behaviour turned into the status according your shoes. Our instant reaction on something unique and beautiful is capturing it and posting it. But our parents on the other hand will enjoy its uniqueness and beauty to the fullest. Nothing is wrong in both the things but it’s about preferences. It’s mandatory to adapt the changes in the society in order of our existence. My dad is an ex service man when he used to send letters to my mom ; the joy on her face was priceless far more than social media post. The happiness when she used to see Dad after months was eye capturing. Now we chat, talk on calls, video calls so maybe now there must not be the same excitement as them to see our loved ones after months. They lived for the happiness of their loved ones but we somewhere live to impress our followers and status on social media. Our parents are still updating to today’s technology so they believe more on word of mouth but we if we want to confirm something we just confirm it in one click.

Oops didn’t wait to tell you.

Our parents status and problems are hidden from our own family members but our status and problems are publically open. If theirs a happy or a sad news we don’t wait to tell our parents but post it. If we need to convey a message to someone, we post many pictures related to it or to taunt the person. But our parents don’t know such kind of tictacs they just forget the things and move forward for the people they care for. If we fall, we post that image on social media adding the caption, “Aww it’s hurting”, which is lame of course but on the other hand they will apply home remedies over it and take us to the doctor. They always gave us the lifestyle better than they ever got. They learned things themselves in order to explain us, they grew with us but now when our parents come to us to learn new technology do we really make time for them to explain them new things. We are so influenced by social media that we think our parents are wrong and don’t know anything about todays world but we do forget that experience speaks a lot than the world on social media. They are still trying to adapt our lifestyles and do everything to build our liking toward them. Start of this year, I really thought that is social media keeping us away from our own family so I deleted all my accounts from social media and it made me realise that life is much more interesting and loving than following random pages and celebrities on social media. And I also experienced that nobody really cares about you than the close people and friends and it’s kinda peaceful. There’s nothing wrong in using social media at times it’s very knowledgeable and informative but you shouldn’t get the fever of fomo. It will make you happy in your own shoes rather then trying to fit in someone else.