Mankind in Lost!!

Recently there have been events, where mankind is lost under extreme measures. People are forgetting the nature of kindness. I heard this news 5 days back on TV9 Marathi ( Regional ) news channel, where a person was dying due to cardiac arrest, he was suffering and literally all the cops, his wife and nephew were pleading the taxi drivers for the ride to the hospital, but none had a heart to help the person. Such incidents are really a big slap on the humankind. That’s not all, there are many such events where people take the video of the victim but not dare to help them. If the most moral thing is lost of human nature, there’s no point in calling ourselves one, but rather start acknowledging us as animals. Infact, not even that because they atleast rush to help their fellow breed. There’s nothing in the world more sinful, then not saving a life. Now a days people are so into themselves that world around them doesn’t matter. They don’t care what the event is, they just want to capture it, in this case it doesn’t matter whether the person is fighting for his life. To all the people out there, I get it that your social life is too good, infact fantastic but not more than somebody’s life. If you’re afraid that police might investigate you or you need to visit the station again and again then it’s not the case, now a days it’s been avoided. It seems humanity is completely vanished in thin air, under arrogance and this is the most shameful thing for us. So I humbly request you all that spread humanity around you, let this emotion not die within you and help the people in pain and struggle in the best way you can, the good deeds will always stand by you.