Blend your Fashion Trends

Today, I am writing something about fashion and trends because that’s what we did. Fashion is not what you wear, it’s all about how you carry it. We had a theme photoshoot organised and it was too good of an experience. The best thing about theme photoshoot is, you get to explore and extend your limitations. The theme was a blend of tradition wore with and new pattern. In short INDO – WESTERN. We believe in keeping it as original as it can be, you can explore in your. Let me tell you’ll it wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it. We first settled with selecting the sarees and than pairing it with jeans and top. It’s very important when you choose your outfit colours, the colours should go with your skin tone. The jewelleries are liking icing on the cake, it justs enhance your look 1000 times better. We tried out various different drappings than the regular one’s. The whole idea of trying something new is always keeping it simple, elegant and if required sensual rather than vulgar. If the ugliest attire is worn with attitude and carried with class trust me it becomes the new fashion trend without even trying it. So stay classy and be fashionable.

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