Have a vision that makes you YOU!!


Well let’s have an opinion

Always have a vision towards things but don’t expect that your visions and views will be similar with other people. Every individual is different, so it’s obvious that their mind sets are going to differ. You might see a glass half empty but the other person might see the glass half full. Nobody is wrong in this case, it is just that you see the empty side of the society and the person sees the bright side of the society. Before passing any comment or accusing somebody for it always try and put efforts to know the views of the person too. Having your own opinion gives you the ability to make your own way rather than blending it according to others. Be able to decide for yourself. Live according to your terms and conditions. Have faith that you can choose better for you than anybody else can. Be your own hero. It’s important, infact it is mandatory to have an opinion, it makes your vision clear. It helps you to understand your subject better which in return leads to better understanding and conclusion. It’s your perspective that makes you different from others. So have one!