Create your own security

Years of rain couldn’t bring life to the cultivation and business to the farmers. The shortage of water is still faced with the highest range of torment. But now looking at the scenerio the rain is at full force destroying the peeks rather than helping it to grow, houses are flooded but no water for thirst. People are being rescued from tons of water and mother earth is sending our gift of garbage back to us. Videos are getting viral about the current situation we facing, some wires lead to short-circuit or some slab hits the floor. People are dieing and there’s still more to go. Where is the security we still don’t know. Help is provided but the roots of problems are still unknown. Every one is individually responsible for the happening because there is share of masses in the journey of misdoings in the system. It’s high time that we prepare for the problem before it occurred and think of our actions before it’s done. The latest garbage scene at Marine drives is an lesson to learn that what we give will hit us again with several consequences to heal. So let’s take up the responsibility and take a step to make a better environment to live and build our own security.

Build your own highway of Success.

Success doesn’t come handy, you have to work and earn it. You can’t just sit around and wait for the right opportunity. You have to chase your own dreams for them to be fulfilled. Be honest to yourself more than being with someone else. Trust yourself and work for it, because the competition is increasing day by day. You can’t just sit around and wait for success to reach at your doorstep, you need to work on the things you want and have always worked for. Things might get difficult and impossible but if you truly want something don’t let anything cut your road before reaching your destination. One day your hardwork and efforts will definitely pay off.

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