Dream BIG!!

‘Dream’, small word but holds greater meaning. Many dreams are achieved a day and many are hidden and shut in a tiny closet. Dreams gives identity to an individual, it gives the courage to explore and happiness to conquer. Some are encouraged and some are burned. Now a days there’s so much pressure on parents in order to be the best, to choose the best for their children that they neglect the needs of them. Sometimes children don’t follow their dreams because maybe revenue from that is not well paid off. But dreaming is just the starting point in the process of success. Dream, passion and hard work walks hand in hand. If you show the courage to dream the passion will definitely developed over time and the hard work you put in achieving it will definitely pay off well. Know yourself and your inner voice and not what people are expecting of you because if you are unhappy, no amount of hardwork is going to satisfy them or you. It will just be waste of time and energy but most of all disappointment and regret. I saw this amazing promo of the just launched series on Netflix which had a dialogue which made me write this blog.
“It’s not your dream, if the voice inside your head is not yours”. This sentence itself describes the life of majority teenagers trying to live there dream or figuring out themselves before living another. The Netflix show is called as, ,’Selection Day’, which is based on a novel by, ‘Aravind Adiga’. It’s about two teen cricket prodigies struggle against their overbearing father and a system stacked against them to realize their own ambitions and identities..

So go ahead and show the courage to dream and fulfill it. Happy weekend.🙂