Believe in yourself

You know the time when someone tells you, your not good enough or worse compare you to your siblings, it just makes your blood boil and all you need is a chance to prove them wrong and when you do that the satisfactory feeling you get is as good as earning your first salary, because you know you overcomed all the odds in your path. In the school days, all my primary life went in being shy little girl who used to get bully and at times struggled for her own lunch. The moment I realised that I needed to stand up for myself and stop being pathetic is when I decided that I am no longer going to be that shy little girl and going to enjoy every second of my secondary school life. The time when I entered my secondary school, everybody knew me because of my brother and again I became the shadow of him following him everywhere. He was the talented and studious types but at the same time pain for all the teachers for his michievousness and back answering straight to the point but he was scholar so that was neglected, I on the other hand was just a average student and had long way to find myself. Living under a shadow was getting on my nerve, my 5 standard class teacher showed faith in me and asked me whether I would like to be in student council, I had to take it because I wanted nothing but to stand for myself and I said yes, slowly with the help of my teacher I build up my confidence and started participating in everything, by everything I literally mean everything. I used to dance, sing, play sports, interschool competition and hell ya I also used to write notes on blackboards. There were times when my higher council position was in jeopardy due to my brother’s image but till than I was so confident and had developed my self esteem that turning back was not an option for me and I enjoyed every bit of attention and importance I got but more than that I got an identity of my own to top it all the popular one. That time I decided that whenever somebody will try to pull me down, I will make that as my source of encouragement and work harder to prove them wrong. Again the struggle of, I can’t stand and get elect for the post of vice captain, I thought ok because I knew schools tend to have a little bias opinions towards electing the students for the post but also the girl who was my friend and everybody taught was going to be the vice captain because she was good at sports and got championship trophies.
But I knew that I was the better candidate because I do everything that school provides and the position needed leadership qualities which I knew I had.

We the popular students always had this conversation coming up about the superior positions in school and always had a clear image of the people who are going to be elected in the top counsell and knowing that I am not going to be the part of it was very much unsettling that I needed a fair chance to prove myself because i knew I deserved to be and also because I have always worked upon it. To my luck during our selections, first time ever there was an actual selection process with Writing, interviews, group discussions and final interview. I knew I had only one competition and I was ready to have a healthy competition. The experience that I got out of it was so beautiful and learning that I came to know more about myself. It opened my eyes to the thought that no matter what people say, believe in yourself and work upon it and success will surely knock on your door. I tackled all the stages of competition and got to be the vice captain and captain and left the school with no regrets or empty wishes and ofcourse my own identity.


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