Create your own security

Years of rain couldn’t bring life to the cultivation and business to the farmers. The shortage of water is still faced with the highest range of torment. But now looking at the scenerio the rain is at full force destroying the peeks rather than helping it to grow, houses are flooded but no water for thirst. People are being rescued from tons of water and mother earth is sending our gift of garbage back to us. Videos are getting viral about the current situation we facing, some wires lead to short-circuit or some slab hits the floor. People are dieing and there’s still more to go. Where is the security we still don’t know. Help is provided but the roots of problems are still unknown. Every one is individually responsible for the happening because there is share of masses in the journey of misdoings in the system. It’s high time that we prepare for the problem before it occurred and think of our actions before it’s done. The latest garbage scene at Marine drives is an lesson to learn that what we give will hit us again with several consequences to heal. So let’s take up the responsibility and take a step to make a better environment to live and build our own security.

Think harder to react wiser

Walking down the path of popularity and fame, we often make the wrong choices, choices that can actually lead us to do wrong things. Your choices are the one that define you. No matter how hard it is to resist you have to know what is good and bad. Every action of yours will give you equal and opposite reaction. Every wrong doings have to face circumstances within a period of time. You need to sit make a decision for yourself, no matter how many obstacles you face, you need to calm down in the rapid journey of success and think, think for yourself, think what is right and wrong, figure yourself out every now and than and again walk with a clear mind and good intentions, because when you get on top with a rapid speed, the chances to get down with the same speed are high. You know you have made mistakes, be ready to face consequences, be ready to hear things without actually opposing it. Be ready to be alone and get hurt, but also be ready to raise as a good person. It’s ok to be alone for a while rather than doing wrong and becoming a terrible person for the rest of the life. No matter how good the life with wrong decisions can feel. One day it is definitely going to destroy you. Always hold onto the good person in your life because that person no matter how hard the situation can get won’t leave your side. So think, think harder to react wiser.


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Believe in yourself

You know the time when someone tells you, your not good enough or worse compare you to your siblings, it just makes your blood boil and all you need is a chance to prove them wrong and when you do that the satisfactory feeling you get is as good as earning your first salary, because you know you overcomed all the odds in your path. In the school days, all my primary life went in being shy little girl who used to get bully and at times struggled for her own lunch. The moment I realised that I needed to stand up for myself and stop being pathetic is when I decided that I am no longer going to be that shy little girl and going to enjoy every second of my secondary school life. The time when I entered my secondary school, everybody knew me because of my brother and again I became the shadow of him following him everywhere. He was the talented and studious types but at the same time pain for all the teachers for his michievousness and back answering straight to the point but he was scholar so that was neglected, I on the other hand was just a average student and had long way to find myself. Living under a shadow was getting on my nerve, my 5 standard class teacher showed faith in me and asked me whether I would like to be in student council, I had to take it because I wanted nothing but to stand for myself and I said yes, slowly with the help of my teacher I build up my confidence and started participating in everything, by everything I literally mean everything. I used to dance, sing, play sports, interschool competition and hell ya I also used to write notes on blackboards. There were times when my higher council position was in jeopardy due to my brother’s image but till than I was so confident and had developed my self esteem that turning back was not an option for me and I enjoyed every bit of attention and importance I got but more than that I got an identity of my own to top it all the popular one. That time I decided that whenever somebody will try to pull me down, I will make that as my source of encouragement and work harder to prove them wrong. Again the struggle of, I can’t stand and get elect for the post of vice captain, I thought ok because I knew schools tend to have a little bias opinions towards electing the students for the post but also the girl who was my friend and everybody taught was going to be the vice captain because she was good at sports and got championship trophies.
But I knew that I was the better candidate because I do everything that school provides and the position needed leadership qualities which I knew I had.

We the popular students always had this conversation coming up about the superior positions in school and always had a clear image of the people who are going to be elected in the top counsell and knowing that I am not going to be the part of it was very much unsettling that I needed a fair chance to prove myself because i knew I deserved to be and also because I have always worked upon it. To my luck during our selections, first time ever there was an actual selection process with Writing, interviews, group discussions and final interview. I knew I had only one competition and I was ready to have a healthy competition. The experience that I got out of it was so beautiful and learning that I came to know more about myself. It opened my eyes to the thought that no matter what people say, believe in yourself and work upon it and success will surely knock on your door. I tackled all the stages of competition and got to be the vice captain and captain and left the school with no regrets or empty wishes and ofcourse my own identity.


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An experience to share!!

Standing on the bridge of Jhusi, I could literally see the whole ground of Kumbh illuminated and beautiful it literally took my breath away, I am not saying this for the sake of saying it but indeed the scenario was mesmerizing.

Later as we walked the path of Kumbh, we got into our work mode and started clicking pictures, taking visuals, talking to people and the first person we encountered was a Baba named, ‘Baapu Singh’. He was 75+, walking with his sitar and chipali ( pearcussion instrument ) along with a flag of his Maharaj. While talking to him we got to know he sings Kabir ke dohe as his way of expressing his beliefs and portraying his devotion and the cool thing was he has never missed a single Kumbh from the time he was born. He also sang for us which was really heart touching.

We encountered many people, got to know their stories and their perspective. We didn’t really went into the Akharas the first and second day, from third day we started visiting akharas to talk to Naga sadhus. We talked to one Baba from Juna Akhara, we wanted to approach him and convince him to talk to us because he was not letting anybody to take his pictures and was shouting at them. So we started off as we are just here to take blessings, made little conversation here and there warmed him up and then he even allowed us to click pictures and shot him. It was great to know his love as Naga for lord Shiva. Infact he was 16 when he became Naga Baba and now he is around 60’s.

Ahead of him, there was a Baba in rudraksha from top to bottom. He was pretty famous too because of his attire and white rats, rats because on his hat made of rudraksha, were 5 white rats who don’t leave the space of his hat. It amazing to see and talk with such personalities, it good to know that side of the story without any judgements.

Next blog will be about our experience of first Shahi Sanaan and my best part of the Kumbh. So follow us to know more.


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Dream BIG!!

‘Dream’, small word but holds greater meaning. Many dreams are achieved a day and many are hidden and shut in a tiny closet. Dreams gives identity to an individual, it gives the courage to explore and happiness to conquer. Some are encouraged and some are burned. Now a days there’s so much pressure on parents in order to be the best, to choose the best for their children that they neglect the needs of them. Sometimes children don’t follow their dreams because maybe revenue from that is not well paid off. But dreaming is just the starting point in the process of success. Dream, passion and hard work walks hand in hand. If you show the courage to dream the passion will definitely developed over time and the hard work you put in achieving it will definitely pay off well. Know yourself and your inner voice and not what people are expecting of you because if you are unhappy, no amount of hardwork is going to satisfy them or you. It will just be waste of time and energy but most of all disappointment and regret. I saw this amazing promo of the just launched series on Netflix which had a dialogue which made me write this blog.
“It’s not your dream, if the voice inside your head is not yours”. This sentence itself describes the life of majority teenagers trying to live there dream or figuring out themselves before living another. The Netflix show is called as, ,’Selection Day’, which is based on a novel by, ‘Aravind Adiga’. It’s about two teen cricket prodigies struggle against their overbearing father and a system stacked against them to realize their own ambitions and identities..

So go ahead and show the courage to dream and fulfill it. Happy weekend.🙂

Mankind in Lost!!

Recently there have been events, where mankind is lost under extreme measures. People are forgetting the nature of kindness. I heard this news 5 days back on TV9 Marathi ( Regional ) news channel, where a person was dying due to cardiac arrest, he was suffering and literally all the cops, his wife and nephew were pleading the taxi drivers for the ride to the hospital, but none had a heart to help the person. Such incidents are really a big slap on the humankind. That’s not all, there are many such events where people take the video of the victim but not dare to help them. If the most moral thing is lost of human nature, there’s no point in calling ourselves one, but rather start acknowledging us as animals. Infact, not even that because they atleast rush to help their fellow breed. There’s nothing in the world more sinful, then not saving a life. Now a days people are so into themselves that world around them doesn’t matter. They don’t care what the event is, they just want to capture it, in this case it doesn’t matter whether the person is fighting for his life. To all the people out there, I get it that your social life is too good, infact fantastic but not more than somebody’s life. If you’re afraid that police might investigate you or you need to visit the station again and again then it’s not the case, now a days it’s been avoided. It seems humanity is completely vanished in thin air, under arrogance and this is the most shameful thing for us. So I humbly request you all that spread humanity around you, let this emotion not die within you and help the people in pain and struggle in the best way you can, the good deeds will always stand by you.


How it’s suppose to be and how it is.

Firstly to talk about perspective, it differs from person to person. Every individual has its own perspective but to talk about generation, it differs a lot. It’s like difference between Kishore da and Badashah. Landline turned into smartphones, traditional shopping into online shopping, meaningful songs into rap and behaviour turned into the status according your shoes. Our instant reaction on something unique and beautiful is capturing it and posting it. But our parents on the other hand will enjoy its uniqueness and beauty to the fullest. Nothing is wrong in both the things but it’s about preferences. It’s mandatory to adapt the changes in the society in order of our existence. My dad is an ex service man when he used to send letters to my mom ; the joy on her face was priceless far more than social media post. The happiness when she used to see Dad after months was eye capturing. Now we chat, talk on calls, video calls so maybe now there must not be the same excitement as them to see our loved ones after months. They lived for the happiness of their loved ones but we somewhere live to impress our followers and status on social media. Our parents are still updating to today’s technology so they believe more on word of mouth but we if we want to confirm something we just confirm it in one click.

Oops didn’t wait to tell you.

Our parents status and problems are hidden from our own family members but our status and problems are publically open. If theirs a happy or a sad news we don’t wait to tell our parents but post it. If we need to convey a message to someone, we post many pictures related to it or to taunt the person. But our parents don’t know such kind of tictacs they just forget the things and move forward for the people they care for. If we fall, we post that image on social media adding the caption, “Aww it’s hurting”, which is lame of course but on the other hand they will apply home remedies over it and take us to the doctor. They always gave us the lifestyle better than they ever got. They learned things themselves in order to explain us, they grew with us but now when our parents come to us to learn new technology do we really make time for them to explain them new things. We are so influenced by social media that we think our parents are wrong and don’t know anything about todays world but we do forget that experience speaks a lot than the world on social media. They are still trying to adapt our lifestyles and do everything to build our liking toward them. Start of this year, I really thought that is social media keeping us away from our own family so I deleted all my accounts from social media and it made me realise that life is much more interesting and loving than following random pages and celebrities on social media. And I also experienced that nobody really cares about you than the close people and friends and it’s kinda peaceful. There’s nothing wrong in using social media at times it’s very knowledgeable and informative but you shouldn’t get the fever of fomo. It will make you happy in your own shoes rather then trying to fit in someone else.